What is EMY?

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Hi, this is EMY!

EMY connects EU. 🇪🇺

📣 There‘s a big event coming up in 2019 – EU elections from 23 to 26 of May!


Unfortunately electoral systems are not fully harmonised across the EU. That is probably why many young EU citizens (European Mobile Youth) who are residents in another EU member state, are not aware of their EU citizenship rights: you can either vote and stand as candidate for the EU elections in your home or host country. You are also entitled to participate in local elections in your host country.


EMY (Empowerement of Mobile Youth in the EU) aims to be a lighthouse for mobile youth who want to engage more effectively in political life in the EU.


EMY addresses the main issues that keep young EU citizens from getting engaged in the political discussion: a lack of information and transparency, a lack of trust in political processes and institutions, a general sense of “not being heard“.


Electoral systems are not harmonised across the EU. Every member state sets its own rules, e.g. regarding the minimum voting age (18 years in most countries, 16 in some), the process and deadlines for registration.


That is probably why many young EU citizens – we call them European Mobile Youth – who are residents in another EU member state end up not making use of their vote. EMY aims at giving them back their voice.

🇦🇹 🇪🇪 EMY consists of two major pilot projects, in Austria and Estonia. They aim at providing information and support for young mobile EU citizens in these two countries to help them cast their votes in the upcoming European Parliament elections.


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