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Besides European parliamentary elections, you are also able to vote and stand as a candidate in municipal elections in Estonia.

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Estonian EMYs

Find here some insights and suggestions of European Mobile Youth in Estonia

Lelde from Latvia

Lelde is a PhD student and researcher from Latvia. She studies political science at the University of Tartu. Learn about her experiences and political engagement whilst living in Estonia.

Luciano from Spain

Luciano is a bachelor’s student from Spain studying at Tallinn University. He shares his story and provides suggestions about political participation opportunities while residing in another EU country.

Andrea from Italy

Andrea, a master’s student from Italy, studies and lives in Tartu. Check the video and get to know what it’s like for a young mobile European to be democratically engaged in Estonian life.

European Parliament Elections 2019 – how the parties in Estonia performed


Reform Party (REF) – two seats, Social Demostratic Party (SDE) – two seats with the most popular candidate, Marina Kaljurand at the forefront, and the Centre Party as well as the Conservative People’s Party of Estonia (EKRE) – one seat each.

Here is how the top 10 candidates performed:

Source: https://news.err.ee/946040/european-elections-how-they-all-performed

Check the list of all 66 candidates and their votes HERE

Estonia has six seats in the European parliament. The country might take up the seventh seat and get one more MEP following a U.K. withdrawal from the E.U.

Here are the MEPs from Estonia:

  1. Marina Kaljurand (SDE) – 65,559 votes (19.7 percent).
  2. Andrus Ansip (Reform) – 41,006 votes (12.3 percent).
  3. Urmas Paet (Reform) – 30,010 votes (9.0 percent).
  4. Yana Toom (Centre) – 27,003 votes (8.1 percent).
  5. Jaak Madison (EKRE) – 22,823 votes (6.9 percent).
  6. Sven Mikser (SDE) – 2,886 votes. (received the excess votes from Marina Kaljurand)
  7. Riho Terras (Isamaa) – 21,474 votes (6.4 percent).** (gets in case of additional MEP place for Estonia)

New world record achieved in European Parliament elections in Estonia!


Out of all people who voted, 47% (155,521 persons) cast their vote online, making it the most popular method of voting. Compared to the EP elections in 2014, the raise of i-votes is almost 16% percentage points.

Percentage of i-voters among all participating voters in Estonian elections 20015-2019

EP-European Parliament
NP-National Parliament
LG-Local Government

Over 1600 EU citizens voted in Estonia in EP elections 2019. Read about the challenges that some of them faced here

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