EMY Austria
Requirements for Elections
  • You are not an Austrian citizen but you are a citizen of an EU member state other than Austria (non-Austrian EU citizen).
  • You are at least 16 years of age.
  • You have your primary residence in Austria.
  • You have registered with the competent local authority in Austria.

Upcoming Municipal Elections in Austria:

  • Upcoming elections in Austria (in addition to EU elections) in which EU mobile citizens may also participate
  • Municipal elections
    Upcoming election dates (expected):
    Lower Austria (except St. Pölten and Krems): 26.1.2020
    -Styria (except Graz): 22.03.2020
    Vorarlberg: March 2020
    Vienna – District elections (Bezirksvertretungswahlen):  October 2020

Contact the EU

Contact person in Austria:

Melanie Lucic

Communications & PR
email: melanie.lucic@politikos.at
Tel.: ‭+43 678 1245199
Facebook: /Politikos.getinvolved

Politikos - Wir Müssen Reden!

Politikos is a non-partisan initiative of young people who take an active e interest in politics and society. We aim at restoring direct, unbiased channels of communication between policy makers and civil society.
We aim at reconnecting the Austrian public with its political representatives by offering citizens a platform to express their opinions, make proposals and endorse ideas.
We also aim at offering politicians a direct and neutral channel to consult their voters on policy proposals, canvass opinions and and engage in discusssion.
We want to establish a platform which offers non-partisan, politically independent participation for everyone.

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